Saturday, June 19, 2010

Paladin Judgement Helmet

Here's another one made by me.
A life- size Paladin Judgement Helmet from World of Warcraft.
It was kind of rushed, and my camera was broken so I couldn't take many pictures.

Here is the link to the download: Download
Please give me credit and link to me if you re-post this.

The point of me making this is because I recently transferred my character Grubzorz to the realm Burning Blade on horde in the game World of Warcraft and renamed him Krahkhurz. This is the design of the helmet I've had on him for quiet some time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Vash's Revolver

I am not very familiar with the show Trigun or the character Vash, but when I saw this revolver model I fell in love. It has many movable parts, and while it was a pain to put together and took a while, it was WELL worth it towards the end.
Here are some pictures:

Here is the link to the template and instructions:

The instructions are not very detailed (they are just pictures), and the pieces are not very well made. Also, there is no color, I colored the pieces in with a marker to make it look a little more realistic, but it's paper, what do you expect?