Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sorry for no updates, The Brutalizer Reveal

Gosh, it's been a while since I've updated.
I'm sorry I haven't told you what's up. I am, and have been, working on a project that I haven't revealed previously. The reason I haven't revealed it is because I wanted to make it a surprise, but it's taken me so long to make it I will give some spoiler stuff that I have.

I have learned many new modeling techniques, and I've also started building parts on Autodesk Inventor. I use these parts to reinforce models so they are stronger and can be held without falling apart.

With that said, from now on, when I make models, I want to make sure everything is strong (with at least 65lb cardstock) so no one has trouble building my paper crafts.

I'm not going to give a link to the download for the papercraft yet, mainly because I want to finish it and make parts for it.

Here are some pictures and a video of me making the template for The Brutalizer, a 1 handed axe from World of Warcraft. Keep in mind this is life size, and is more than 3 feet long. The way I do my scaling is compared to a human male in World of Warcraft, assuming the male is 6' tall.

Video of me making the template:

This is right before I finished the pommel/handle guard.

This is the pommel/handleguard, bolts, and main "shaft" with the side of the axe shown to scale by my foot.

This is the side of the axe with more outer edges on it, compared to the size of my keybard.

This is the handle guard/pommel, shaft, and side of the axe with the blade, you can see how large it is compared to the size of my dresser.

This is honestly one of the hardest paper crafts I've worked on, so I'm not sure if I will be finished with it any time soon. I'd like to, but I can't, promise that it will be finished before summer.

Thank you for coming back and sorry for not keeping you updated!

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