Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keeping you guys updated.

I haven't realised how many people visit my blog weekly. I've had over 20,000 page views. That's awesome. I know 100% of the people that come here look at my feature papercrafts that I've made that have been featured on many other blogs and link back to me. I've tried to contact Unofficial World of Warcraft papercrafts, but I have heard no word from them for a very long time.

Here is my problem. Whenever I design a papercraft template, I REALLY like to build the model first, so I know what it's going on and I can create support parts if needed. It is so much easier and less time consuming to produce templates than build them. Designing a template takes 1-3 hours, while building a papercraft takes 20-70 hours depending on how much detail I put in, and how complex the build is.

HERE IS THE DEAL: If people actually comment (don't see many of those nowadays) I will take WORLD OF WARCRAFT LIFE SIZED WEAPON/ARMOR requests ONLY (those are the only things I will produce!). Just tell me the in-game name of the item you'd like to see (ex: The Brutalizer, Judgement Helmet, Cataclysm's Edge). I will make the template on Pepakura designer, and I will post the template for free download on my blog. The thing I will not do is print build the papercraft and create support structures for it, someone else needs to do that (unless I choose to build it myself). If it is something very small and will take under 10 hours, I will probably make it myself. Otherwise, if it's like the Brutalizer, I'm not going to put 100-200 hours into it to perfect it and build it.

If it's not impossible to create a template for the item, I will produce one. I'm not a wizard, and you're not one, so we can't design weapons with magic floating parts.

IN OTHER NEWS, half of The Brutalizer is still sitting on my counter and I still need to finish designing the support parts I started for it. I may work on it in a couple of weeks, so don't be surprised if you see it pop up on my blog.

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